Elizabeth Faulkner Trades SF Sweets for NYC Pizzas

elizabethfaulknerpizza_3.12.12It might seem like a natural move to go from baking cakes to baking pies, but from baking cakes to crafting pizza pies? That is a little more of a leap. And yet, it is just the leap that renowned pastry chef Elizabeth Faulkner is set to make.

Faulkner, who has been featured on “Top Chef Masters” and “The Next Iron Chef,” is well-known for her elaborate and tasty pastries, though she also has savory cooking experience and was even a pasta consultant for Barilla. After she closed her San Francisco bakery Citizen Cake in December 2011, fans wondered what her next move would be.

Little could they guess that the plans included going back to school, heading across the country, and switching the focus from American sweets to Sicilian savories.

Faulkner is joining with mixologist Darren Crawford and restrauteur Nancy Puglisi to bring a Sicilian-inspired pizza and pasta restaurant to Brooklyn. Crawford hails from San Francisco bars Bourbon and Branch and Tony Niks, and Puglisi (a Brooklyn native) has experience as a partner and operations manager of Tony’s Pizzeria Napoletana, also in the San Francisco area.

In preparation for her new role as master of pizzas and pastas, Faulkner got certified as a genuine Neapolitan pizzaiolo. This involves going back to school and taking many tests before finally achieving certification. Faulkner tells Inside Scoop SF that, “Not a lot of us get to go back to school […] I’ve worked with lots of chefs and pastry chefs over the years and learned a lot. But to go back and take tests is different.” Until now, Faulkner has been known primarily for her work in the pastry world, so her fans will be waiting with baited breath to see how her talent for the whimsical translates to the savory world.

The restaurant is set to open in either Park Slope or Carroll Gardens in summer 2012.


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