New Bacardi Rum Flavors

New Bacardi Rum FlavorsI’m not a huge fan of flavored spirits. I generally want my vodka to taste like vodka, my bourbon to taste like bourbon, and my rum to taste like rum. Part of my dislike for flavored spirits is that so many of them have artificial flavorings, which makes them unsuitable for mixing into cocktails (more on that in a minute.) Recently though, I discovered two new flavored rums from Bacardi that are truly outstanding and are causing me to reconsider the flavored rum category.

If I was asked to name a quality flavored rum, my list would have begun and ended with Bacardi Limon, the classic citrus-flavored rum. But after tasting Bacardi Black Razz (a raspberry rum with black sapote) and Bacardi Wolf Berry (a blueberry-flavored rum with wolfberry), I’ve come to appreciate rums infused with natural flavors.

Most spirits, especially vodkas and rums, are artificially flavored. While that may not seem like a big deal to some people, it really affects the flavors in cocktails. If you don’t believe me, try this little experiment at home. Take a bottle of naturally flavored spirit and a bottle of something artificially flavored (I don’t know the full range of which company produces natural and artificial flavors, so for the sake of argument, try a flavored Bacardi and then pick another brand with a flavor that couldn’t be from nature. I’ve seen Fruit Loop-flavored vodka, you could try that one.) Add one shot to each glass, then add one shot of water. Smell the bouquet in each glass, and taste the results. It’s a pretty remarkable experiment, one that holds a lot of value for cocktail enthusiasts because cocktails contain ice or water by their very nature. If you are mixing something artificial, the flavors can taste very chemical in the presence of water. If I wanted to taste chemicals, I’d drink pesticide, so I think I’ll stick to all natural flavors.

Both Bacardi Wolf Berry and Bacardi Black Razz have a big, bold, and natural fruit flavor, which helps with both mixing and creating an elegant end result of your cocktails. Personally, I’ve found that Bacardi Wolf Berry is delicious in a mojito, and it adds a certain twist with the blueberry and mint together. While I’ll drink these this winter, I really can’t wait to enjoy these during warm weather months.

Bacardi Black Razz also makes a great mojito, but after some experimentation, my favorite way to enjoy it is either mixed with soda or lemonade. I’m a big fan of raspberry flavors in general, so I don’t like a lot of competing flavors.

Both Bacardi Black Razz and Bacardi Wolf Berry are fun new flavored rums, and they definitely merit consideration for your home bar. At around $15, these are high quality, surprisingly affordable rums that will enhance your cocktails at home or in your local watering hole. I was quite surprised at how much I really enjoyed both of these rums, and Bacardi has found two great new additions to their portfolio.