5×5: The Greatest Dinner Ever

5x5: The Greatest Dinner EverIf you haven’t heard, 5×5 dinners are happening all around Los Angeles. The premise: five separate dinners take place at five different top restaurants in and around Los Angeles. Each dinner is skillfully prepared by a roster of all-star chefs. On Monday, August 20, they’re crashing the kitchen at Bouchon and rolling out some amazing food. Five courses, five chefs, one fantastic evening.

The truly exciting part about a tasting dinner like this lies in the style of food prepared. Each dish is created by different chefs, highlighting their unique point of view, yet representing the style of the restaurant. For example, this Monday, the host restaurant is Bouchon; so Chef Voltaggio will highlight his molecular gastronomic sensibility, but in a way that pays homage to Bouchon and the French bistro panache. Wrap your head around that!

For any foodie, this is destined to be a dynamic tasting dinner. Participating chefs include Ink’s Michael Voltaggio, Providence’s Michael Cimarusti, Mélisse’s Josiah Citrin, Angelini Osteria’s Gino Angelini, and Bouchon’s own Rory Herrmann.

With such varying styles and culinary specialties, the tasting dinner is bound to be not only inventive, but incredibly diverse. Especially intriguing will be seeing how each dish is created to represent Bouchon and the traditional, yet refined French-bistro style. If you’ve never had the chance to dine at the likes of Ink, Mélisse, Bouchon, Providence, or Angelini Osteria, here’s your golden opportunity. Just think, you get to sample delicious, one-of-a-kind dishes from their namesake chefs. What a treat!

The dinner price is $150 per person, gratuities and tax excluded. You can complement the tasting with wine pairing for an additional fee. Call ahead to reserve your seat. A credit card deposit is required upon reservation.

Call 310-271-9910 or visit bouchonbistro.com for more details.