Oil Misters: Misto vs. Pampered Chef

Oil Misters: Misto vs. Pampered ChefLast year, I wrote a little ditty about the Pampered Chef kitchen spritzer I’d found while kitchen squatting. It came in handy, but in the end, I recommended going for a stainless model instead since this one leaked a little and spurted out an uneven spray.

Some time later, I spotted a deal on two Misto Oil Sprayers for $20, and I grabbed them. They work the same way as the Pampered Chef model—you fill the bottle with your oil of choice and give it a few pumps by hand to build up air pressure.

I’m usually a fan of the more rustic, irregular “handspun” way of doing things, but when it comes to applying cooking oil to your surface or ingredient, there isn’t much room for eccentricity. You want to get a standard, consistent result every time.

The plastic pieces of the Pampered Chef model had loosened and lost traction over time, which eventually allowed a bit of oil to drip down as it was used. Slippery fingers and a wobbly nozzle with unpredictable sensitivity made the entire experience of using the spritzer frustrating and counterproductive.

Even taking into account that the Pampered Chef model I used was much older than these brand-new Mistos, there is something about the sleek design of the Misto that makes the entire product more “even.”

The pressure needed to press the spray button is even. The spray that comes from the nozzle is neat and even. The way that the pump fits onto the top, and the way that the nozzle fits onto the rest of the bottle, is even. Tight. Streamlined. This makes the entire experience of the product more predictable and steer-able than with the Pampered Chef.

Only time will tell if the Misto will continue to outperform Pampered Chef in its older age. But in its design alone—the way the bottle fits in your hand, the amount of effort it takes to use it, the way it looks in your kitchen—I vote it the better option.

A few tips for using and maintaining your oil mister, whatever the brand:

  • Don’t fill the bottle to its max, only about halfway.
  • When you’re through using the mister, “burp” it by unscrewing the lid enough to release the air pressure. This will stretch the lifespan of the pump.
  • Don’t over-pump. This can cause the mist to become too fine, lingering in the air and getting on everything. Just pump three to four times until the resistance changes.